Home Improvement

6 Experts Tips for Home Improvement

Home improvement leads to make a house more better, bigger, and modern place for living. Home improvement will give a fresh look (internally /externally) by upgrading features and fixing /repairing appliances. This features up-gradation /items repairement results in property value enhacement. 

For house upgradation, it is advised to hire professionals who will use modern techniques, tools /equipment, and quality materials. The professionals of home improvement have a license to lead projects. They have capability to spearhead and complete project within decided time and budget. These professionals have multiple vendor options both nationally /internationally to procure materials. The material procured by professionals are rich in quality and full of warranty. In the article, we will discuss expert tips for home improvement that will increase house value. 

Before starting the discussion, several questions came to our mind regarding home improvement. Answering those questions will give a broader image to us. The questions regarding home improvement is stated below:-

Most Common House Improvement Projects:-

  1. Bathroom: 31%
  2. Kitchen: 27%
  3. Bedroom: 26%
  4. Deck & Patio: 25% 
  5. Office: 16%

Types of House Improvement:-

This portion will discuss the survey which shows house areas that required improvement. The improvement in these house areas drives a positive impact on house resale value. The percentage of these areas is listed below:- 

  • A kitchen weighs 10% to 15% of the overall house value.
  • A bathroom suite has 10% of the house value.
  • A powder room /bathroom consisted 5% of the house value. 
  • A basement or attic consisted 10% to 15% of the total house value.
  • The living room, dining room, and bedroom have a 1% to 3% value of an entire house.

Kitchen VS Bathroom Renovation /Up-gradation:-

Through this survey, we will discuss only kitchen and bathroom upgradation as we consider them the most important areas in home improvement.

  • Kitchen Renovation /Upgradation:-

In U.S, an average kitchen upgradtion costs around $30,000 and will give $20,000 return when sold. The most renovated areas of kitchen to improve both house value /appeal are:-

  • Cabinets & Hardware Up gradation
  • Granite & Marble Installation
  • Flooring (Hardwood /Laminate)
  • Lightning (including under-cabinet)
  • Appliances Upgradation
  • Updated appliances
  • Modern sink with stylish faucet finishes and features

Bathroom Upgradation /Renovation:-

An upgraded bathroom in U.S gives 58% return on investment. According to the realtors, the bathroom renovation and new bath installation ranked second for house up-gradation. Whenever realtors pay visit to a house for sale first thing they see after the kitchen is the bathroom condition. If it satisfied them with the bathroom conditions, your property value will increase. Bathroom renovations includes degradation of worn-out surfaces /materials, function /livability improvement, and space modernization. 

6 Expert Tips for Home Improvement:-

The best six expert tips for home improvement are:-

Always take Professional Services:-

The first advice experts give for home improvement is to take professional services instead of general contractors. These professionals are aware of modern techniques and equipped with updated tools to perform tasks. The team of skilled labor completed the task efficiently. The professionals provide insurance. If any injury happens during the project they will take care of it and the same goes with house damage. 

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Planning Budget Home improvement 

The main part of a house improvement project is the budget. Expert guides us to forecast project budget before time. They also stated to take professional services because they will give you cost estimation in compliance with your demands. Another benefit of budget forecasting is to not get out of stock from materials.  

Take Advice from Friends & Relatives:-

Finding a best professional for home imporvement services is an important but a hard task. To find the best professional for the project, experts enlighten us to consult friends, family, and neighbors who renovated their house recently. Consulting with friends, family, and neighbors helped us to complete the project on time by hiring professional service providers. 

Pick a Renovation Free Zone:-

If you want to stay in your home during the project, the experts advice having a functional space for spending time with your family. This free zone will help you relax and escape from the noise /pollution of renovation work. 

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Pack Valuable Items:-

The home improvement project is going to have effects on every room. So, experts recommend packing valuable items, e.g. vase /pictures from rooms to make them safe. Another piece of advice that experts give is to put the paper down on hardwood floors and covering of furniture with plastics so they will not get affected during renovation. 

Make Contract:-

Experts demand house owners to write every project detail as a contract. The contract covers all areas, including payment schedules /procedures, total cost, and starting /completion dates that both parties have to abide. A contract will save both parties from arguments during the project. 

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Conclusion Home improvement

In this article, we discussed home improvement and six benefits of home improvements. We have come to the result that home improvement upgrades house look that will cause the optimization of the property price. It is our recommendation to follow all above-mentioned tips of experts before starting your project.